Configuring OverTime for a Clustered Environment

OverTime can be configured to run in a High Availability or clustered environment.


Below are the steps needed to configure OverTime in a Windows SG environment.



1. Install OverTime on one node.


2. Register OverTime on that node. This creates or updates a file called olr.lic.


3. Create a local directory (not on shared disk) on the node such as X:\OverTime where drive X: is a local disk


4. Move olr.lic to this new directory (X:\OverTime).


5. Change the Registry Key "HKLM\Net Improvement Consulting Pty Limited\rego_path" to X:\OverTime.


6. Move the Cluster Resource to the second node.


7. Repeat step 1-5 on the next node.


We recommend that the daily update tasks (devupd) are also setup on each node in the environment.