Instances for licensing


Two classes of collection are considered to count towards an ‘instance’ for licensing purposes.

1)      I/O Collections.

I/O collections involve ifInOctets, ifOutOctets, ifInErrors, ifOutErrors, CiscoAvgBusy5 and sysuptime are in the I/O class.

2)      Non- I/O Collections.

All other collections are considered as user defined collections.


If no collections exist then otadd will setup collections based purely on I/O OR if there is a definition for the SNMP sysObjectID in the templates.xml file then that will be used.


For I/O collections (from routers and switches or other network interfaces)

1 instance = 1 interface's InOctets, OutOctets, InErrors and OutErrors.

1 instance = Cisco CPU Average Busy 5

For all other collections 1 instance = 1 SNMP instance


So collection 1 router’s 10 interface’s In and Out octets is 10 instances.

Collecting In and Out octets from 5 routers each with router having 2 interfaces is also 10 instances.

Collecting a single OID instance (non I/O) from 7 switches is 7 instances.