mibcoerce.cfg is an optional file that allows a OID string to be converted into a number.

Some SNMP agents provide numerical data embedded within other text.

This would not normally be available for collection and use within OverTime.

Using the optional mibcoerce.cfg you can specify how to convert each OID to a value.


Here is an example:

# Convert dBM on Canopy AP to a number,%ld

# Convert dBM on Canopy SM to a number - normally '-dd dBm',%ld

# Read in temperature on the Canopy SM in degrees F sample:34°C/92°F,%*d°C/%ld


Firstly, any line that starts with # is a comment and is ignored.

A non-comment line starts with the numeric OID (less of the instance) followed by a , and an format specifications string used by sscanf.