Adding a Collection to PingTime for OpenView

To add a new collection to PingTime you run the otadd command:

otadd -c public --pingtime CiscoRouterIP TestIP1 TestIP2 etc”. This instructs PingTime to create the appropriate files (as it does with OverTime) and also update the PingTime-xxx command file. The “-c public” tells otadd what the SNMP WRITE community string is for this device. The “--pingtime” tells otadd to create a PingTime configuration. “CiscoRouterIP” is the IP address of the Cisco router to use as the test source.

“TestIP1 TestIP2 etc” is a list of IP addresses to test response times from this router.


If the router does not already appear in the index.html page for OverTime, then this will add it. The PingTime graphs will then appear as if they were additional interfaces, but with stacked histograms depicting the Maximum, Average and Minimum response times, like this: