User Guide

TrapSnap is an application that listens for SNMP Traps either directly or via the Windows snmptrap service and then acts upon them either by retrieving an image from a web cam or by executing an application. TrapSnap effectively turns an SNMP trap into an action.

Once installed, TrapSnap listens for all SNMP traps sent to it.
When a trap arrives, TrapSnap:
1) Logs the trap (if you have requested full logging).
2) Searches to see if you have configured this trap to be acted upon.
3) Looks for a matching configuration and if one is found it then:
3.1) Replaces any dynamic parameters.
3.2) Determines what kind of action is to be performed.
3.3) Performs the action.
3.4) It then delays before repeating the action again if required
4) Reconfigures itself if its configuration file has changed.
5) Waits for another trap to arrive.