Troubleshooting an installation

Here are some questions to help isolate the problem and help repair the problem you are experiencing.


Did the installation have any errors?

When you run an otadd did you receive any errors?

Were the directories and files for the device created within \OverTime\data?

Was a devicexxx.mst (where devicexxx is the name of the device) file created in \OverTime\cfgs?

Does devmst and devdtl exist in the cgi-bin directory of the web server and can you run them?

Do you see the device name appear in the OverTime/index.html page after its refreshed?

Is there a directory in the web server area called OverTime/devicexxx?

Are there any files in the OverTime/devicexxx directory?



Is the OverTime SNMP Collection Service running?



Is the devgetupd daemon running?


Unable to find your web server…

If the install could not find your web server, here are the instructions to setup the CGI-BIN on a Windows 2000 system.

1. Click Start/Settings/Control panel

2. Click Administrative Tools/Inernet Services Manager

3. Click on the '+' beside the name of the web site

4. Click on 'Default web site'

5. Menu Action/New/Virtual Directory

6. Click Next

7. Enter 'cgi-bin' as the alias click Next

8. Browse to and enter the directory (probably C:\Inetpub\scripts).

9. Make sure 'Read', 'Run Scripts" and 'Execute' are all checked.

10. Click Finish.

Edit \OverTime\bin\overtime.cfg and make sure that

A. the directory for the line starting 'cgidir' is cgi-bin like:

cgidir cgi-bin

B. the directory for the line starting 'webdir' is C:\InetPub\wwwroot\OverTime\ like:

webdir C:\InetPub\wwwroot\OverTime\

This directory should have already been created - please check.