Overtime for HP Openview provided by Netic




I maintain a HP NNM Openview system in which we monitor more than 350 network devices. In the beginning we were exploring a means to measure network traffic for a number of these devices for a particular client and also a web interface to let them view their usage. Openview’s out of the box reports did not entirely fulfill this requirement.




We started with the first version of Overtime. A presentation of the output was given by our senior network specialist and was well received by the client. This first version of Overtime worked well for this individual client but to add other devices for different clients, this presented a problem in that all device graphs would be viewable by all clients. This is where the new version, Security for Overtime, shows its worth. It allowed me to create groups and to place devices in those groups.



Overtime’s new security features allowed me to grant access to those groups for users I specified. So when a user logs in with the ID and password I setup, they only see their devices. I currently have 13 groups set up with individual access to each group. There is also an administrator ID which allows for one page access to all groups at one time. Also, through the use of templates, I can customize each user’s page. Even the size and order of the graphs are customizable! Currently, I am monitoring circuit utilization and CPU usage which comprise approximately 400 instances with this new version of Overtime. In addition, I run a scheduled device update every morning. This speeds up loading times for the html graphs that the customer sees and also lets me know if there is a device that has stopped reporting due to a network issue or a device reconfiguration.




Setup for the program was straightforward and the available documentation extremely helpful. Any questions or issues that arose during the setup and after during the actual running of the software were always promptly answered and resolved by the vendor. I cannot say enough good things about the support the vendor provided during my implementation of the software.




My experience with this product and Netic has been excellent and rewarding. I have also received very positive feedback from clients who I have been setup up to access this. They get a very informative, graphic, and user friendly view regarding their devices which in turn helps them make more qualified decisions regarding their future network needs.  



Keep up the good work Laurie!


Michael Swartout

Electronic Data Systems