OverTime, PingTime & LineUp run with HP OpenView 5.x, 6.x and 7.x on
Windows 200x/XP, HPUX 11.00+ and Solaris 2.8+.

OverTime and PingTime run with IBM NetView 7.x on
AIX 4.3+ and soon Solaris 2.8+ and Linux.

OverTime Solo & PingTime Solo run on Windows 200x and Windows XP.

MAPnLINK & SNMPower run on web servers for Windows 200x, Windows XP,
HPUX 11.00+, Solaris 2.8+ and RedHat Linux.

TrapSnap runs on Windows 200x and Windows XP.

Although an HTML server running on the same host is a
convenient way to display OverTime HTML pages,
it is not a requirement as OverTime can be run from
the command line generating HTML pages to be browsed at
a later time.

If HP OpenView 6.x/7.x and nnmReportPresenter are
installed, OverTime can be easily setup to act as another report
for Report Presenter.