Messaging Interface for WhatsUpGold

After setting up WhatsUpGold, Messaging can be added by following these steps:

  1. Setup all the notifications desired to be available for messaging. (Remember to include the "%N" in the Message String).
  2. If not already active, set up SNMP Traps:
    1. Enable the SNMP Trap Handler to receive SNMP traps:
      1. From the View Menu, select "Program Options".
      2. Click "Programs and SNMP" tab.
      3. Turn on "Enable SNMP Trap Handler".
      4. Click "Apply".
      5. Restart WhatsUpGold to active the handler.
  3. Create trap sources on the map.
    1. Create an NT workstation on the map with IP address of and give it a name such as "Whats Up Pager". If there are more than 10 notification destinations, you will need to create several of these devices on a map. Give each device a logical group to handle (maybe broken up by alphabet or department) and name the device appropriately.
    2. Select "Enable Alerts" and "Enable Notifications".

    3. In the Notifications section, Click "Add".
    4. From the drop-down list select the notification you want to be able to send messages to via the web. Be sure the notification has the "%N" variable in the Message String.
    5. Turn on the "On SNMP Trap" box.
    6. In the edit box to the right of this enter "6.xxxx", where "xxxx" is unique to all the possible notifications and also less than 65536. You could possibly use the last 4 digits of the pager number (if that happens to be unique).

    7. Record the notification and this unique number in a list for later use.
    8. Click "OK" and "Apply" the changes. The "trigger" value relates to polls being missed and is not used for traps. Each trap generates a notification.
    9. Repeat the above steps for each specific notification.
    10. You can view what traps have been received for the device by looking under the "Log" tab after double clicking the device. All traps are visible by selecting "View/Logs/SNMP Trap Log…".
  4. Install a WEB server (such as IIS) on the WhatsUpGold machine.
    1. Ensure that there is a "cgi-bin" directory on this machine that is enabled for execute:

    2. In this directory place the files "wupgr.exe", "libsnmp.dll" and "wupgrhtm.txt". "wupgrhtm.txt" is basically the html you will see on the web page and should be modified to suit your taste.
    3. Edit "wupgrhtm.txt" and look for the section:
      <option value="9978">UserName.S</option>
      Copy this line replacing the "9978" with the unique number from the list you recorded above and the "UserName.S" with something meaningful for this notification. Repeat this step for each notification.
    4. Save the file.
    5. You are now ready to test the messaging facility.
  5. Try to access the page from your browser.
    1. From a browser enter http://IPofWUG/ where "IPofWUG" is the IP address of the WhatsUpGold server. You should see the default html page produced. If all is well move on.
    2. Now try http://IPofWUG/cgi-bin/wupgr.exe. You should see :

    3. Now select the notifier from the drop box beside "Tell:".
    4. Enter your message into "Message:" and then click "Submit".
    5. If everything is configured correctly, you should have sent a notification via WhatsUpGold.
  6. Summary of adding a new modification:
    1. Add the notification to the Notifications list.
    2. Add this entry to one of the devices with a unique trap number.
    3. Modify the "wupgrhtm.txt" file to include this unique number and associate it with an appropriate notification name for display.
  7. Troubleshooting:
    1. Look at the "log" tab for the device and check that you can see the traps being received.
    2. Make sure the notification has the "%N" in the "Message String".
    3. Make sure that the unique numbers have been entered correctly in both the html file and in the trap and that the trap has the "6." (six dot) proceeding it.