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MAPnLINK has been available since 17th September 2002.

What does MAPnLINK do?

Displays web pages composed of elements over a background image.

  • Elements are text, images and buttons.
  • Elements can be hyperlinked to URLs, including other MAPnLINK pages.
  • Elements may be placed anywhere on the page.
  • Elements are positioned relative to the background image resulting in a consistent view of the page across differing browsers and screen resolutions.
  • Displays 1 of 2 images depending on the result of a user defined SNMP test.
  • Displays 1 of 2 images depending on the result of several user defined SNMP tests, thus providing a summary.
  • Displays an SNMP collected value.
  • Displays a background image on each page.
  • Just some of the uses of MAPnLINK.

    If you have several web views of related information and want to see a single view of this diverse information?

    Like to test your network devices with SNMP queries and see the status for individual or group tests?

    See the status of your business applications that are presently only disjointedly available through several web applications.

    How easily can the user change pages?

    A simple text file (called a mapfile) is used to define the pages. Mapfiles can be edited or created by the user through the MAPnLINKed application or by a user written application or even by a simple text editor. MAPnLINKed is a web based GUI editor that can create mapfiles and edit pages. Using MAPnLINKed, elements can be positioned by dragging them to their new location on the web page. MAPnLINKed allows the characteristics of each element to be viewed and edited.

    Like to see a demonstration?

    You can see a demonstration and tutorial on this site.

    MAPnLINK is available for web servers running on the following platforms:

  • Windows NT/2000
  • Sun Solaris
  • HPUX
  • RedHat Linux
  • Download a trial version.