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Why choose the SHPro?

Alerts- E-Mail, Paging, SNMP Traps
The SensorHub Pro can e-mail you, page you, or use its internal modem to dial out with critical alerts and warnings. You can send SNMP Traps to up to ten different locations.

Modem Access
The SensorHub Pro gives you the remote capability of dialing into your device. Using Telnet you can access the SensorHub Pro from anywhere in the world. The modem also gives the SensorHub Pro the added flexibility of dial out alerting or reporting.

Trending, Graphing, and Reporting
The SensorHub Pro has on-board graphing capability and we include our MIB so you can use SNMP to poll for thresholds and limits. For additional analysis, our optional Overtime software can help build databases, create custom graphs, and export data in CSV.

The SensorHub Pro includes a temperature sensor. There are also four additional external sensor ports.

Serial Capabilities ( 2 Ports)
  • Console Access: The SensorHub Pro saves valuable cabinet and server room space and provides convenient access to the console ports on the machines that it serves.
  • Network-Enabler: A legacy serial device can be network-enabled by connecting its RS-232 port to the SensorHub Pro. A host (such as a PC) connects to the SensorHub Pro through the network with Telnet or with a raw TCP connection. The serial device can now be monitored and/or controlled from the host. Any data entered at the host is sent to the serial device and any data from the serial device is sent to the host.
  • Proxy SNMP Agent: The SensorHub Pro can be programmed to parse input data from a serial device and to form it into a user-defined SNMP Management Information Base (MIB). The SensorHub Pro can then be queried by one or more network management stations (such as HP Openview) to retrieve the data. The SensorHub Pro can also send SNMP traps to alert users of abnormal operating conditions.
  • Serial-Line Extender: A SensorHub Pro can make a network connection to another SensorHub Pro to act as a Serial-Line Extender.
  • LAN-to-LAN Connector: Two SensorHub Pro can be connected via their RS-232 ports to serve as a link between two seperate LANs.
Sensor Capabilities (4 Ports)
The SensorHub Pro's four external sensor ports allow you to add any of the following optional sensors:
  • Temperature sensor with up to 20M of cable. Temperature Range from -55C to 100C. Accurate to 0.5C.
  • Humidity sensor with up to 20M of cable. Capacitive semiconductor technology means precision and never needs recalibration. 0 to 100%. Accurate to 3%.
  • Water sensor. Patented technology that can even detect distilled water.
  • Voltage sensor. Detect the presence of AC Voltage.
  • Airflow Detector. Accurate to 25 fpm.
  • Dry Contact Sensor: The external sensor port supports most two-wire, on/ off or open/closed type sensors.

Once configured, the SeensorHub Pro's Humidity and Temperature Sensors can be easily recorded by OverTime. OverTime finds the names for each of the sensors you have configured, configures the appropriate collections and web pages ready for you to view the graphical results.

See a demonstration of OverTime's output.
A Data Sheet is available. Need Acrobat : Download it here Download Acrobat Reader